Passion and mission

Katarzyna Michałowska, the owner of the Natura Spa salon and Natura Dietetics’ dietary clinics, is passionate about combining the profession of a dietitian and cosmetologist, and thanks to it, the idea of creating a Health and Beauty Promotion Center in Pniewy Natura – a place for health, beauty and relaxation, where together with With its team, it offers clients a wide range of services related to care for health and beauty.

Our mission, in addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle and natural care, is to raise awareness of the need for comprehensive action, which we try to do not only in the privacy of our offices, but also during many social projects that we have initiated. Natura The Health and Beauty Promotion Center is the organizer of four editions of the campaign entitled: Great Metamorphosis with Nature and the Family Health and Beauty Fair in Pniewy.


    Natura Spa Centrum Promocji Zdrowia i Urody
    ul. Wolności 30
    62-045 Pniewy
     882 052 941

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    Opening hours:
    10.00 – 18.00

    •  the center of the town of Pniewy
    •  free parking
    •  45 min from Poznan
    •  1 h from Świecko
    •  2 h from Berlin